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Free Nintendo 3DS Step by Step Tutorial!

By Johnny, Apr 17 2017 09:34PM

Hey Matt here,

And welcome to my blog! If you are searching for the reputable method of getting a free nintendo 3DS, then Im glad that you have stumbled across my blog.and I highly recommend that you keep on reading

This is because I am sharing with you a personal tutorial that I have developed on how to get a free nintendo 3DS! Over the years, I have used the exact same method to receive many other electronics for free! Electronics such as iPods, Xbox 360s, Nintendo Wiis, Playstations 3s and etc. I have received them all completely for free! This may be unknown to the general population, but there are certain websites called incentive freebie websites that offer free electronics when you complete their requirements. Once that is done, they will order your free electronic from sites like, Bestbuy, or directly from Apple depending on where you live. Or you can opt to receive the cash equivalent in Paypal, so you can purchase it in store yourself!

NOTE:If you need a nintendo 3ds emulator for pc you can download from a German website they were the only legit website in this world , i know the owner of the software and he put a lot of work in his website and in the development of the tool , you can also find there what games are compative with the emulator so you don't need to worry about it also the tool it's free right now because it's in the beta stage . If you need more info please watch the video below .

Because I have participated in these sites for a long time, Ive become sort of an expert on this subject and thus I have gotten to the point where I do not buy new electronics at all. Instead, I find the site that offers the electronic that I want and I sign up, complete the requirements and wait for it in my mail. Thats how Im going to get my free nintendo 3DS.

Throughout this website, I have provided a detailed explanation of how this process works. You can click on the side tabs for more information and you can also check out the videos and news articles from reputable news sources like CNN, New York times for additional information.

Now, I understand why you have come across this site. New electronics are pretty exciting and they can help make life more enjoyable, but at the same time its really frustrating when new electronics are released. For me, there was always an internal conflict with myselfabout buying electronics. Should I buy it now, or wait until later where I can get a more powerful unit at a cheaper price. I remember back in the day, computers cost around $3000. Nowadays, you can get a more powerful unit for around $300.

You probably had the same dilemma regarding the Nintendo DS. Should I buy one nowor wait until the next generation DS comes, which is the Nintendo 3DS.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution. We can get our electronics for free. This does sound like a scam, but youll be pleasantly surprised if you have an open mind and continue reading. There are indeed sites that offer Nintendo 3DSs for free.

One trusted site is known as Freebie Jeebies. This network has been around March 2007 and they have since sent out £1,169,277 worth of prizes worldwide. They currently are partnered up with the following list of companies:

To give you a quick run down of how this works, basically we have companies like Neflix or Chase and they want to gain new customers to their services. So what they do is that they offer Freebie Jeebies, a commission for each customer that they refer to one of their services. It may be a free 7 day trial to Netflix or a new bank account sign up at Chase. So, a portion of this commission is used by Freebie Jeebies to pay for your Nintendo 3DS. In order for Freebie Jeebies to have enough commission to pay for your Nintendo 3DS completely, you will have to refer others to sign up for a free trial to Netflix as well.

Now, there is enough money for Freebie Jeebies to remain profitable and the shipping costs are covered as well for the Nintendo 3DS. How Neflix benefits is that they gain new customers and even though, these customers signed up for a free trial, a portion of them will like the service and remain long term paying customers, and in the long run Netflix will get a return of their investment and become profitable. Thats essentially the process behind all of this. This is not a pyramid scheme at all since you do not pay to sign up and you do not have to sign up for a trial right away.

Just to add, if you want more information, please watch the CNN, BBC videos, or read the New York Times and the Harvard Crimson articles that are posted on the site.

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