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Here you will find a lot of great info about your life , a lot of tips and tricks that you can use them every day to make your life happier and more efficiently. Just enjoy your life , we take care of rest !

By Johnny, Jun 15 2017 08:00AM

When anyone hears about mobile surveillance software the first thing which comes to mind is a complex process which must be completed in order to get it up and running. In some instances that is the case however; Mspy offers an easy solution to set up their application without any need of a mobile technology guru. In fact the only thing which you should know is basic navigation of the target device because this would make the installation quicker and also smoother. It is just a matter of following the procedure outlined which would be sent to you via email after you have subscribed for it and you should be fine. In any case, there is a mechanism of recourse if you were to get into difficulties. Technical support could be reached either by phone, instant messenger or email on a 24/7 basis. Mspy can be installed on a number of platforms including Android, iphone, ipad, symbian and also Blackerry. There are many similarities in the setup on the various operating systems but each would still vary slightly. In this tutorial we will discuss the general setup first and then branch off to the Android which is the most common mobile device in the world today.

So how does it all work?

There are two conditions which must be met in order to successfully deploy Mspy on a smart machine. The first one is compatibility with the target mobile and the next is a working internet connection on the smart gadget (this is to upload data logged onto the main server). From there the next step would be to register for an account on the site. When that has been completed an email would follow subsequently which contains the password to your personal spy control panel. In order to log on you simply go to and click the login link on the top right hand corner. After you got into the control panel, you would be prompted by the wizard asking you for the type of device which is to be monitored. Follow the instructions provided by the wizard in order to setup the product. You would then have to return to the online interface to link the mobile so that you can received the information. The fields which need to be filled are:

Name: This is a generic title in order to identify the gadget.

Telephone number: Only for smart phones.

IMEI: This number is used to identify the device among the millions in circulation in the world today. It is usually found by entering a sequence of characters on the device. (e.g. for android you type *#06# followed by send)

Within 20 minutes your control panel would be populated by the surveillance data. Below is a screen shot of the Mspy interface. As you can see, there are numerous tabs on the left hand side dealing with the communications of the phone. There are tabs which deals with the monitoring sms messages, Viber, imessages and more. mspy control panel

Using this tool you can localiser un portable gratuitement grace a son numero , this it's the french expersion because MSpy was made by 2 french . This tool has the interface translated to many languages like : English , Spanish , Italian , French , Romanian etc.

Do you want to take a test drive of the interface then check the demo on their website .

Installation of Mspy on an Android phone

The first thing you would need to do is to check the option to enable installation from other sources in the application menu. This would allow you to install software which is not found in the android market. Then go to the browser and enter the link from the control panel provided for the particular operating system. The app would immediately start to download. The next step would be to install it and to link it to the account which was set up. The procedure is shown in the clip below.

By Johnny, May 27 2017 09:52PM

Data on you mobile phone is always exposed to danger. Telephone book, notes, calendar and tasks of your mobile phone could be lost in any second due to misusing your mobile phone, internal or external damage. The new service offered by Qplaze-RME, GSMSync provides mobile phone data control via web, allowing you to save data from your mobile phone, in a reliable place and quickly restore it if necessary.The new GSMSync service in currently running on testing mode and available at and is offered free of charge.

All you need is a mobile phone with WAP setting, some free time to enter you information, like login name, password, e-mail, your mobile phone brand and model and you can start saving data from your mobile phone in a reliable place for safe keeping.

At this time the service supports 215 models of the following brands: Alcatel, Ericsson, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung, Sendo, Siemens, Sony-Ericsson, Vertu.

Users have also the possibility to edit their data, add phone numbers, notes, holiday dates in the mobile phone's calendar. In the near future the service will allow the mobile phone users to add from a useful events list cinema programs of different big cities, and phone numbers of restaurants, bars, theater other establishments.

Unlike many other products in the market GSMSync supports four synchronization types:

- two-way synchronization,

- synchronization with phone priority,

- synchronization with server priority,

- automatic synchronization initiated by the server.

With GSMSync you can now save a copy of you mobile phone data, indispensable in case you delete information from your mobile phone. This way all your mobile phone's data will be in a safer place.

Qplaze-RME recommend to have an unlocked phone so make sure you have sim free your phone before using Qplaze service , you can unlock your phone on a french website named , and you find comment débloquer un téléphone , you know how the french says . .

The only thing you need to remember before start using GSMSync and save copies of mobile phone data and control it via web is that you need to copy all your data to be saved from your mobile phone SIM card to phone memory. Data from your mobile phone SIM card is not transmitted.

By Johnny, Apr 17 2017 09:34PM

Hey Matt here,

And welcome to my blog! If you are searching for the reputable method of getting a free nintendo 3DS, then Im glad that you have stumbled across my blog.and I highly recommend that you keep on reading

This is because I am sharing with you a personal tutorial that I have developed on how to get a free nintendo 3DS! Over the years, I have used the exact same method to receive many other electronics for free! Electronics such as iPods, Xbox 360s, Nintendo Wiis, Playstations 3s and etc. I have received them all completely for free! This may be unknown to the general population, but there are certain websites called incentive freebie websites that offer free electronics when you complete their requirements. Once that is done, they will order your free electronic from sites like, Bestbuy, or directly from Apple depending on where you live. Or you can opt to receive the cash equivalent in Paypal, so you can purchase it in store yourself!

NOTE:If you need a nintendo 3ds emulator for pc you can download from a German website they were the only legit website in this world , i know the owner of the software and he put a lot of work in his website and in the development of the tool , you can also find there what games are compative with the emulator so you don't need to worry about it also the tool it's free right now because it's in the beta stage . If you need more info please watch the video below .

Because I have participated in these sites for a long time, Ive become sort of an expert on this subject and thus I have gotten to the point where I do not buy new electronics at all. Instead, I find the site that offers the electronic that I want and I sign up, complete the requirements and wait for it in my mail. Thats how Im going to get my free nintendo 3DS.

Throughout this website, I have provided a detailed explanation of how this process works. You can click on the side tabs for more information and you can also check out the videos and news articles from reputable news sources like CNN, New York times for additional information.

Now, I understand why you have come across this site. New electronics are pretty exciting and they can help make life more enjoyable, but at the same time its really frustrating when new electronics are released. For me, there was always an internal conflict with myselfabout buying electronics. Should I buy it now, or wait until later where I can get a more powerful unit at a cheaper price. I remember back in the day, computers cost around $3000. Nowadays, you can get a more powerful unit for around $300.

You probably had the same dilemma regarding the Nintendo DS. Should I buy one nowor wait until the next generation DS comes, which is the Nintendo 3DS.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution. We can get our electronics for free. This does sound like a scam, but youll be pleasantly surprised if you have an open mind and continue reading. There are indeed sites that offer Nintendo 3DSs for free.

One trusted site is known as Freebie Jeebies. This network has been around March 2007 and they have since sent out £1,169,277 worth of prizes worldwide. They currently are partnered up with the following list of companies:

To give you a quick run down of how this works, basically we have companies like Neflix or Chase and they want to gain new customers to their services. So what they do is that they offer Freebie Jeebies, a commission for each customer that they refer to one of their services. It may be a free 7 day trial to Netflix or a new bank account sign up at Chase. So, a portion of this commission is used by Freebie Jeebies to pay for your Nintendo 3DS. In order for Freebie Jeebies to have enough commission to pay for your Nintendo 3DS completely, you will have to refer others to sign up for a free trial to Netflix as well.

Now, there is enough money for Freebie Jeebies to remain profitable and the shipping costs are covered as well for the Nintendo 3DS. How Neflix benefits is that they gain new customers and even though, these customers signed up for a free trial, a portion of them will like the service and remain long term paying customers, and in the long run Netflix will get a return of their investment and become profitable. Thats essentially the process behind all of this. This is not a pyramid scheme at all since you do not pay to sign up and you do not have to sign up for a trial right away.

Just to add, if you want more information, please watch the CNN, BBC videos, or read the New York Times and the Harvard Crimson articles that are posted on the site.

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